How to unlock your miter saw

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Your mitre saw has two locking mechanisms for safety and accurate cutting. The power head locks down for transporting and storage. The mitre saw locks into position so that you can set your angles and make precision cuts. When you are ready to use your mitre saw, you will need to know how to unlock the mitre saw and start working. All mitre saws lock in the same manner, although their pins may be in different positions on the power head.

Unplug the mitre saw power cord from the wall outlet.

Grab the mitre saw handle with one hand and press down to relieve tension on the locking pin.

Pull out the locking pin near the table and the power head to unlock the power head from the down position. Slowly release pressure on the power head and allow the power head to raise to the full open position.

Twist the handle knob on the table lever counterclockwise to unlock the table pivot. Turn the table to the angle you desire using the handle to move the table left or right. Twist the handle knob clockwise to lock the table in place. The mitre saw is now ready to cut.

Pull the power cord out of the electrical socket when you complete your cutting project.

Unlock the table using the handle knob and turn the table back so that the handle is facing the front of the mitre saw. Twist the handle knob clockwise to lock the table.

Lower the power head to the table using the power head handle.

Insert the locking pin between the power head and the table, and slowly release your grip from the power head handle. The mitre saw is now ready for storage or transport.

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