How to Repair Marble With a Chipped Edge

Repairing the chipped edge of a marble counter or table can be achieved fairly easily using supplies purchased from a building supply store. It is more important to keep chips from happening, however, so that further damage doesn't occur. Although marble is a sturdy surface, it can be damaged if an item is dropped on it at the wrong angle or if something is bumped against the edge at a certain angle. Repairing the chipped area quickly is necessary to keep the damage from increasing as time passes.

Tape around the chipped area using painter's tape.

Put painter's tape around the Formica sample, so that the two part epoxy doesn't stick to it.

Tape the Formica sample up against the edge of the countertop using the painter's tape.

Mix the two-part epoxy according to the manufacturer's directions. The exact method may vary from brand to brand.

Fill the chipped area with the two-part epoxy, but do not overfill the area.

Allow the epoxy to dry thoroughly, about 24 hours, before removing the Formica sample from the edge of the counter.

Remove the Formica sample and use a razor blade to shave the excess epoxy off of the countertop. Be sure that the epoxy is level with the countertop.

Remove all of the painter's tape from the marble surface.

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