How to change a username & password for wifi

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A Wi-Fi connection must be protected with a strong password to prevent it from being hacked. Your user name and password are used to log in to the wireless router configuration screen for you to modify your settings.

When your username and password are too easy that they can be decoded with a couple of guesses, your Wi-Fi connection will easily be invaded. It is important that you pay attention to this security detail to avoid unauthorised invasions.

Turn on your modem and wireless router and ensure they are properly connected. Turn on the computer as well.

Open a web browser and type in the address bar. This should prompt the wireless router configuration screen. If you have a wireless router installed and configured, enter your current username and password to log in. If you are dealing with a new wireless router, proceed to Step 3.

Type the default administrator username and password to log in. For most routers, the default username is “Admin” and the “password” box is left blank. This varies, however, depending on the brand and model of wireless router you are using. Check your wireless router’s manual for this information.

Navigate to the “Administration” tab or something similar to change the default username and password. Enter your desired username and password and confirm them. You will use these the next time you log in to the wireless router configuration screen. Save your changes and exit.

Reset your router in case you have forgotten your username and password. This changes back the router settings to default. To reset, locate the “Reset” button usually located at the back of the router. Hold it down for at least 30 seconds. Once it is reset, you will need to log in to your wireless router configuration screen and reconfigure the router from scratch. Follow Steps 3 and 4 to configure a new username and password.