How to remove wax from drains

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Sometimes, people mistakenly think that pouring hot candle wax down the sink is the safest way to dispose of it; instead, it is a good way to clog your drain. If your sink, tub or toilet is clogged with wax, there are ways you can try to remove it without calling a plumber. Just make sure you stick to the recommended methods so you don't unwittingly make the problem worse.

Boil water and pour it down the sink. It may take some time for the water to drain completely. Repeat as often as necessary to make sure the pipes are flushed of the wax. You can also run hot tap water to flush the pipes as the clog begins to melt.

Pour a safe solvent that is not petroleum based, such as Un-Du Wax Remover, down the sink and wait for it to unclog.

Put on a pair of gloves. Remove the drain's p-trap and scrape the wax from the pipe. If the clog is small, chances are the wax hardened in the pipe before it cleared the p-trap. If you are trying to clear a toilet clog, push the wax down the drain as far as it will go; then remove the p-trap.

Snake the drain. If the clog is deep, you may need a snake. Though the snake does not always clear the wax, it's worth a shot if the wax hasn't responded to any other method.

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