How to become a video game repair tech

According to, since 1970, there have been 71 different video game consoles created. Because of so many new digital and interactive media entertainment being created, there need to be people trained to repair these items. While a lot of hands-on training is required to become a video game repair technician, there are many programs available today to help future technicians gain the skills necessary to work in this field.

Get training, if possible, while working as a game room assistant or computer technician in places such as video game rooms or arcades. Many of these people are sufficiently exposed to so many video game systems on a daily basis that a significant amount of expertise results, just by virtue of being at work every day. On-the-job training is common for video game technicians. Many technicians gain the knowledge they need to work in this field via exposure to the different video games that are regularly being created and introduced to the game-playing public.

Investigate St.Johns University, University of Cincinnati, Rochester Institute of Technology and Oklahoma State University. According to, these are just a few schools in the country that offer programs that train people for a profession in video repair technology. Specific to Oklahoma State University, there are associates degree program offerings.

Become certified as a video repair technician. Although this is not a required step to become employed in this field, it is still highly suggested. This is because prospective video repair technicians look a great deal more trained than someone who does not have this particular credential. The Electronics Technician Association (ETA) and the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians are two such organisations that provide certification. Certification with both ETA and ISCE both require passage of a written or online examination.

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