How to Take Goat's Rue to Build Mammary Glands

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Also called French Lilac, goat’s rue (galega officinalis) is an herbal supplement that some women use to stimulate the development of their mammary glands and to increase their milk production during lactation.

According to Mother Love Herbal Company, goat’s rue leaves are the part of the plant responsible for these medicinal qualities. This herb is typically available as a tincture (herbal extract) or in the form of dried leaves, which you can use to make an infusion (steeping the leaves in hot water) to drink. Goat’s rue is a potent herb that you should use with caution due to possible side effects.

Consult with a qualified herbalist or health-care provider. In addition to discussing your reasons for wanting to take goat’s rue, she’ll typically need to know your medical history in order to ensure that it is safe for you to take goat’s rue to develop your mammary tissues. She may also discuss alternative treatments that may be available. Ask her any questions you may have about using goat’s rue.

Acquire goat’s rue. Your herbalist or health-care provider should be able to suggest local herbal or natural health stores where you can purchase goat’s rue. You can also find it at a variety of online herbal companies. (see resources)

Take goat’s rue as a tincture, which you can do orally or topically, depending upon your herbalist’s specific instructions. Dosages vary, depending upon your specific health situation, but typically they start at approximately five drops three times per day, possibly increasing to 15 drops three time per day, depending upon how your body responds to the herb. If you’re taking it orally, putting goat’s rue extract in a cup of water helps to dilute its distinctive, unpleasant flavour.

Take goat’s rue as an infusion two times per day. Boil a cup of water and place 1 tsp of dried goat’s rue leaves in it. Stir the leaves into the water and let it steep for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the leaves and drink the tea solution.

Watch for possible side effects. According to, some side effects of taking goat’s rue include increased sweating, nausea, a drop in your blood sugar and vomiting. If you experience side effects, inform your herbalist or health-care provider so she can adjust your dosage, if necessary.