How to Make a Hoof Stand

Hoof stands are used by horse owners to properly care for their horse's hooves. If not cared for properly, a horse's hoof can become injured or infected by different types of fungi. Horses with hoof injuries or fungi infections will experience a great deal of pain, and may need veterinarian prescribed medication. Hoof stands provide a platform for a horse to put its hoof on while you inspect and treat it properly. Horse stands are beneficial, because they make it easier to care for the hooves without hurting your back. Hoof stands are sold for around £130, but can be built for a significantly cheaper price.

Place a piece of duct tape over the small hole on the end of the traffic cone. Tip the cone upside down, and fill it with the aerosol spray foam. Allow the foam to set.

Use the saw to cut the plywood roughly six-inches bigger than the base of the cone. Screw the cone to the piece of plywood firmly.

Cut a hole in the tennis ball big enough for it to fit over the small hole on the end of the traffic cone, and glue it in place.

Allow the glue to dry, then use the homemade hoof stand to properly care for your horse.

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