How to Hang Bird Feeders Without Trees

Jupiterimages/ Images

When you are looking to place a bird feeder outside your home but don't have a tree to hang it from, there are several styles of bird feeder pole systems that will fit your needs and become a decorative addition to your landscape.

The bird feeder pole systems come complete and are very simple to install, saving you a lot of time and effort and making it quicker to get your bird feeders hung up in the yard.

Find a place in your yard where you would like to place your bird feeder(s).

Assemble your bird feeder pole system according to the instructions given on the packaging, using a pair of pliers and a screwdriver.

Position the bird feeder pole where you want it to stand, and push the pole into the ground by stepping on the outrigger bar until it is set securely into the ground.

Hang the bird feeder(s) from the hooks on the bird feeder pole.