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Most cell phones either have built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) devices or they are GPS-enabled (meaning a cell phone location is detected through a process called "triangulation" that calculates signals from cell phone towers to mobile phones). There are free mobile phone tracking services that, by using these GPS features, enable you to track your mobile phone as well as other phones.

Verify your mobile phone has GPS functionality. If you're not sure if your phone has GPS features, contact your carrier customer support (this number is on your statement or the main web page of your carrier's website) and ask if your mobile phone has either a built-in GPS device or is GPS-enabled. They'll need to know the model and manufacturer of your mobile phone, and they may also request your account information (your name and billing address).

Use Google Latitude. After registering your mobile phone number with Google Latitude, you can track your mobile phone, invite other people to let you track their locations (and they, yours), set levels of tracking and more. You can view cell phone locations on your mobile phone or on a computer, either on a map or in a list.

Join a social mobile tracking service. One such service is Mologogo. After downloading its free application, you can track your mobile phone location, as well as other mobile phones (who've accepted your invitation). You can track mobile phones in real-time, viewing the locations on your phone, computer or as an embedded map in a blog, website or other online site. Go to, press the "join now it's free!" link at the top right of the web page and follow the instructions.

Register with This online service provides real-time tracking on Java-enabled mobile phones. You view locations of yours and other mobile phones (who've accepted your invitation) on your phone, computer, website or blog. To find out if your mobile phone is Java-enabled, read the documentation that came with your phone, call your carrier customer support or check the list of Java-enabled phones listed on To sign up for this tracking service, go to, click on a software option at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions.

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