How to Decode a Renault VIN

Understanding the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for a Renault vehicle is helpful in determining information about a car when you can't actually look at the vehicle. It can also be helpful in determining whether the VIN on the car's title is accurate.

Renault uses the standard system for identifying a VIN, which provides year, make, model and body style through the use of a series of 17 letters and numbers.

Locate the Renault VIN, which is located on the left side of the dashboard and is best viewed through the windshield. It can also be found on the top centre of the firewall or on the vehicle's title and registration.

Identify the World Manufacturer Identification (WMI) number, which is made up of the first three characters of the VIN. Renault VINs can start with KNM or L56 (for Renault Samsung), VF1 for Renaults, 8A1 for Renault Argentina, 93Y for Renault Brazil, and UU1 for Renault-Dacia Romania-Pitesti.

Locate the fourth through seventh digits of the VIN. The fourth digit represents the type of vehicle. For example, the letter B is for a five-door hatch, the letter C is for a three-door hatch, and the letter D is for a coupe. The fifth digit stands for the engine type, with the number 2 being for a gasoline engine with normal carburetion and the number 7 for an unleaded fuel-injection engine. The sixth digit represents the style, and the seventh digit represents the transmission type.

Locate the eighth through 11th characters of the VIN. The eighth digit signifies the transmission speed (for example, the number 5 is for a five-speed). The ninth digit is the check digit, which is used for VIN validation by the federal Department of Transportation. The 10th digit designates the model year, and the eleventh digit designates the assembly plant. The letter K is for Kenosha, Wisconsin; the letter R for Romorantin, France; and the letter K for Dieppe, France.

Identify the serial number for the vehicle, which comprises the remaining six digits of the VIN. The numbers are assigned in the order of production with the first car off the assembly line for that specific style being 100001.