How to Clean Merino Wool

Considered the finest of wools, merino wool is used in the manufacture of countless garments and blankets. According to the Australian Wool Innovation, a non-profit company owned by Australian wool growers, merino wool products shouldn't need cleaning more than once or twice per year with proper care. If you choose to clean your garments or blankets more frequently, always follow the appropriate care guidelines.

Add the manufacturer's recommended amount of a gentle liquid soap for fine garments to a basin of cool water.

Soak the garment or blanket for three to five minutes, while gently squeezing suds through the article without twisting or wringing.

Drain the basin and rinse the article once in warm water, and then rinse it once in cool water.

Place the garment or blanket between two dry towels, and put it in your washing machine on the shortest spin cycle to get rid of excess water. Dry flat, away from extreme heat or sunlight.

Place the garments or blankets in a washing machine filled with cool water. Add the manufacturer's recommended amount of a gentle washing powder, mostly free of additives.

Wash the items on a normal cycle with like colours and textures.

Hang or lay flat the items to dry, unless the item care instructions recommended drying in a clothes dryer.

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