How to buy bulk cat litter

Owners who care for more than one cat quickly learn that one of the most expensive pet care products---and the most necessary---seems to be cat litter. Buying in bulk can be a real money-saver for multiple cat homes.

Research your preferred cat litter and find out what quantities the company sells litter in. Many companies sell litter in bags up to 18.1kg.

Some pet owners may want to work with a local veterinarian to see if the office can assist in purchasing mass quantities of litter. Some vet offices also stock larger bags of food and litter for animals than do retail stores.

Consider purchasing a membership to a retail club that stocks items in bulk. Though these memberships often cost money, the savings in the long run may be worth it. Contact these stores locally to find out how they sell cat litter and do some pricing research.

Many online retailers specialise in bulk pet products. Consumers will have to consider shipping costs, but these outlets may work best for other pet owners.

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