How to repair porcelain dresden lace

Porcelain Dresden lace is created by dipping Dresden lace into a porcelain solution; the porcelain lace is then attached to figurines. During the firing process, the fabric lace burns away, leaving porcelain lace in its stead. Dresden lace, both fabric and porcelain, is known for its beauty and fragility. If your porcelain Dresden lace breaks off your figurine you can repair it by adhering the broken fragment to the figurine with an epoxy glue, school glue, or super glue. There are complicated processes that can be undertaken to recreate the lace of missing pieces, but this should be left to an expert in porcelain Dresden lace restoration.

Lay the porcelain figurine on its side with the broken section facing up, if possible. Otherwise, leave the figuring in a standing position.

Squirt the epoxy, school, or super glue onto the end of a toothpick and rub the glue onto the broken edge of the fragment of porcelain Dresden lace.

Use the toothpick or squirt the glue directly onto the area of the figurine where the broken piece snapped off.

Press the broken fragment firmly onto the area where it broke from, fitting the edges like a puzzle so the lace fits to the figurine. If the break was not a matching break, squirt more glue onto the broken edge on the figurine to fill the cracks where there is no porcelain. When the glue dries it will fill the open areas. Some people cut a small piece of tulle or net with the same size holes as the porcelain Dresden lace and glue it over the gap, covering it with the glue so the tulle/net will stiffen.

Hold the broken piece of porcelain Dresden lace onto the figurine until the adhesive begins to set and then let go. If the figurine is shaped in a way that makes it possible for you to secure the glued-on fragment to the figurine by wrapping a rubber band around it, the rubber band will hold the two pieces together while the glue completely dries, eliminating the need for you to hold the pieces together for any length of time. Allow the glue to thoroughly dry. Apply more glue if necessary.

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