How to Find out the Time a Past Flight Arrived

There are many websites that monitor flights around the world and give up-to-date information on each flight's status. Knowing the status of a flight is important if you are planning on picking someone up at the airport. You can easily search for your flight and find out when it arrived.

Select one of the two links listed under "Reference" with this article. Both links will take you to a flight tracking website that will provide you with the exact time a past flight arrived.

Enter the flight number into the box next to "Flight" if you are using Flight Stats or "Flight Number" if you are using Flight View. Make sure to specify the departure date of the flight you want to track. If you do not know the flight number, you can search for your flight by departure and arrival location. On Flight Stats click on the tab "By Route" and on Flight View click on the tab "By City;" then enter the requested information. Click on the prompt at the bottom of the search box to continue your search.

Select your flight from the list of all flights that met your search criteria. On Flight Stats you will need to click on the flight number to see the flight's complete information, and on Flight View you will need to click on the flight's status under the column "Status." If you entered the flight number in Step 2 you will automatically be directed to your flight's status page, where you can see the time it arrived.

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