How to Care for Peacocks in Winter

Peacocks are tropical birds, originating in hot areas like Sri Lanka, India and parts of Africa. Domestication of this wild bird can be tricky because they do fly and the males produce a long fan of feathers that make up around 60 per cent of its body length. Extreme temperatures can stress out this bird and cause it not to live as long. Use care and caution when creating areas for this bird because they do like to have space to walk around, so living in confined quarters may be a problem, especially if you live in a cold area.

Put your peacocks in a large living space like a barn. They typically do not do well with other animals, so if you can, keep a barn dedicated to peafowl, or only house non-excitable animals in the barn with them such as cows. Dogs, cats and horses are not recommended, according to Barns will also allow the peacocks room to roam.

Heat the area adequately for the peacocks. Keeping the temperature between 21.1 and 35.0 degrees C is ideal. Insulate the enclosure if necessary to retain warmth.

Create nesting areas in the enclosure and keep the bedding clean. Females will want a place to roost and lay their eggs if they should mate during the cold months.

Feed your peacocks as usual. Peacocks are omnivores, so adding light snacks, such as lettuce, raisins, dates and figs is recommended along with a protein source like dog food or insects, according to

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