How to hang an acrylic picture frame

Acrylic frames consist of two clear panels that hold the picture between them. The illusion is that the picture is floating against the wall, a look favoured by those that like modern or minimalist decors These frames can be troublesome to hang, as their backing is clear, but it can be done and done well.

Remove the protective covering from the frame front and back and place your picture between the layers, securing them according to package instructions. Most acrylic frames use four metal studs or screws in the corners to hold the frame together; these studs usually stick out of the back of the frame to hold it slightly away from the wall.

Turn on your stud finder and press it against the wall. Slide it slowly along the wall until the stud finder beeps or lights up, indicating a stud. Make an X with a pencil over the stud.

Mount the wall hook from the frame mount kit by centring it on the stud about four inches above eye-level. Drive a nail through the pre-drilled holes; this should hold the nail at a diagonal for added stability. Some acrylic frames may come with two hooks; mount them across from each other at the width of the frame using a level to keep them straight.

Attach the wire to the top metal studs on the back of the frame. The wire should be in a coil with loops on either end. Tighten the loops around the studs on the back of the frame, then hang the coil from the hook without unwinding it. If the loops won't reach the studs, unwind the coil just enough to reach them.