Peafowl Removal

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Peacocks are beautiful creatures, but they can become a real nuisance when a few decide to hang around your home, harassing people and defecating on cars and porches. They are challenging creatures to get rid of, especially if someone has been feeding them. But you can take a few steps to drive them off or at least keep them from coming back. You may want to check local laws first, however, as peacock removal may not be legal in some areas.

Remove any wet or dry cat or dog food that is sitting out, or any birdseed or fresh garbage in compost heaps as peacocks will eat just about anything.

Spray them with a garden hose each time you find them on your property.

Protect your garden by installing a fence and stringing parallel lines of twine above it to keep the peafowl from jumping on the fence before jumping into the garden.

Trim branches on which they prefer to roost.

Call your local sheriff's department or animal control agency if the peafowl still will not leave. Wildlife officials can legally trap and relocate the birds.

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