How to Delete Your History From an ISP

An "ISP" is your Internet service provider. This is the host that provides you with all of your websites, e-mails and social networking services. There are many ISPs available for all different types of computers, but each and every one of them can access the same web pages. You can delete your history by using the basic functions with which your computer is already equipped, no matter which ISP you use. There is no need to download any unfamiliar software or tools. You will be able to erase your browsing history safely and quickly.

Make sure all of your toolbars are visible. Turn them on at this time.

Log in to your Internet service provider's front "Home" page. Return to it by clicking on the word "Home" or double-click on the icon that looks like a little house.

Locate the toolbar at the top of your screen. The words will read "File," "Edit," "View" and "History." Single-click on "History." A drop-down menu box will open with different options.

Scroll down slowly until you read "Show All History." Click on the phrase once to go to a large screen full of icons that look like calendar pages. Each icon will have the following phrases: "Yesterday, Today, Last Week" and "Previous 'Month' and 'Year.'"

Click on the calendar page icon and scroll down until you see "Delete." Click "Delete" to erase your browsing history. Do this until you have no more calendar page icons left.

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