How to Convert a Garage into a Bedroom on the Cheap

You can create bedroom space in a garage area that is very inexpensive. You might need bedroom space that is used for extra guests or adult children coming home during the year. You don’t have to spend a lot of money if you use materials you already have or shop for bargains at home building stores.

Figure out how much area you can use for a bedroom in the garage. One of your biggest challenges will be insulating the area. You can find inexpensive panelling or drywall at close-out sales. But, you don’t want to create a room that’s draughty. Otherwise, your heating and cooling will be a problem in the area.

Remove the tracking the garage door slides on. Leave the garage door in place. Cut and nail framework over the interior of the garage door. Insulate the garage door area with fibreglass insulation. Nail panelling or drywall over the framework. Paint and finish that wall surface.

Nail sub-flooring or plywood in the ceiling of the garage. Lay insulation in the roof area. A good investment will be to install a double layer of insulation in the roof area of the new bedroom. Most of a room's heat will escape from the roof, so spend the extra cash for double insulation if you live in a chilly climate.

Paint the interior walls of the garage. If the walls are rough, brush on stucco compound and use a nap roller to make a raised design on the surface. Install light fixtures. You can rewire old fixtures or fixtures you are recycling from flea markets. Never use lights without replacing the wiring unless the lights are new or nearly so.

Paint window frames in a contrasting colour to give design to the space. Hang inexpensive artwork or install a hand-painted headboard to give a fresh look to the bedroom. Install linoleum or some type of inexpensive sheet flooring that you glue to the concrete floor.

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