How to Reset a Citizen Eco-Drive

A Citizen Eco-Drive is a type of watch that uses light energy to power its internal mechanism. The watch contains a energy cell that stores light and converts it into power. The watch is manufactured by the Citizen Watch Corp. The Citizen Eco-Drive watch does not contain a traditional battery, and you don't have to replace the energy cell. The watch does require light, and if you place the watch in a drawer or other dark location for an extended period of time, the watch will stop working and you will have to reset it.

Place your Citizen Eco-Drive watch face up under a artificial or natural light source---lamp, overhead lighting, outside or other light source. Do not place the watch under a halogen lamp--the heat from this type of lamp can damage your watch.

Charge the watch for 3 1/2 hours. To speed up the charging time, pull out the watch's crown (located on the side of the watch).

Pull out the watch's crown, if you didn't do it in Step 2, to the time-setting position.

Wait for 30 seconds.

Push the crown back into your Citizen Eco-Drive watch. If your watch has a screw-down crown, tighten the crown gently against the watch body. You have now reset your Citizen Eco-Drive watch.

Pull the crown out to the time-setting position to set the correct time on the watch.

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