How to Fold Up a Metal Dog Cage

Dogs are transported many ways these days. Some use the plastic carriers with the handle and metal door. Some use the canvas cages with the zippered door. And some will even use a pocket book. However, for larger dogs or for dogs that need a more open cage, the metal cage works best. It is made completely of then metal bars so that your dog can see out all the way around the container. These cages can also be folded up when not in use, so that they can be stored out of the way.

Close the door to the cage and latch it. To fold a metal cage, the door must not be swinging free.

Hold tightly to the short side of the cage with the door on it. At the same time push down on the top of the cage. There are two hooks at the top of the side piece that attaches the side to the top. By pushing down on the top, you unhook the two pieces.

Pull the short side out away from the cage slightly to move it away from the top piece.

Pull up on the top piece of the cage to provide a gap and push the short side with the door in towards the centre of the cage. The side piece will fold down to the bottom of the cage.

Repeat these steps with the opposite side and fold it down to the bottom of the cage.

Lean what's left of the cage to one side so that is will collapse down. One side will lay down in the bottom of the cage while the other side and roof will fall outside of the cage together.

Grab the two pieces lying to the side of the cage bottom and fold them in toward the cage so that they lay in the bottom of the cage. The cage is now completely folded and ready for storage.

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