How to Take Apart a Whirlpool Oven Door

If the glass breaks or the hinges bend, you may have to disassemble your Whirlpool oven door. You can fully disassemble the oven door to access the inner and outer glass, door handle and hinge rails. Keep all your screws in a cup or other container so you don't lose any during the process.

Once you disassemble and repair the oven door, your oven will be working again.

Unplug the Whirlpool oven power cord from the wall outlet. It is a good safety practice to disconnect the power even though you may not be working on any electrical parts of the oven.

Open the oven door to the half open position. Locate the hinge on each side of the oven door toward the bottom. The top centre of each hinge has a hole. Insert a nail or screw into the empty hole on each hinge to prevent the hinge from closing inside the door rail after disconnecting from the oven.

Grab the sides of the door with your hands and lift straight up to disengage the hinge from the door. Push down slightly on the top of the door to release it from the hinges. Pull the door away from the oven and place it on a flat surface with the door handle toward the floor.

Using a Phillips-head screwdriver, remove the two screws at the top of the inside door panel that secure the inner door panel to the outer door panel. Loosen and remove the three screws on the bottom edge of the oven door with the screwdriver. Lift the inner panel away from the outer oven door.

Loosen the two screws that secure the door handle to the outer door panel. Lift the outer door panel slightly to pull the handle away from the door.

Remove the screw at the top and bottom of the side hinge rails with the screwdriver. The hinge rails mount to the outer door panel and the inner panel sits between the rails. Lift the hinge rails off the outer panel.

Lift the inner door glass straight up out of the outer door panel. Stand the outer door panel up on its bottom edge. Pull the top trim off of the door panel and outer glass. Hold the top of the glass panel and pull the two side trim pieces away from the outer panel. Pull the outer glass away from the outer panel.