How to Dye Velvet on Furniture

Velvet is one of the easiest fabric types to dye because its fibres absorb colour extremely well. Due to the extreme thickness of the nap on velvet, furniture upholstered in velvet can be dyed without removing the fabric, if extreme care is taken. With some warm water, dye, a sponge, and a very gentle touch, your furniture can be transformed in as little as 24 hours time.

Wrap all non-fabric portions of the furniture with plastic grocery bags and secure the plastic with masking tape. This will ensure that the dye will not stain anything other than the intended fabric.

Sponge the fabric lightly with warm water. You just want to lightly moisten the fabric; do not soak the material. Sponging with water will open up the fibres of the fabric and enable it to soak up as much dye as possible.

Mix your dye with the amount of water listed on your product's instructions.

Using a new sponge, lightly begin to apply the dye to the fabric using light circular motions. Repeat this process until all of the fabric as been coloured.

Allow the dye to dry for at least 24 hours. After this time, lightly sponge warm water on the fabric in order to fluff up the nap of the velvet.

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