How to Stimulate a Male Dog to Breed

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It easy to assume that, with reproduction being a natural instinct, a male dog will not have to be taught how to be a stud for breeding. However, if you wish to make the process as smooth and successful as possible, it is important to raise your dog properly, from his time as a puppy to first introducing him to a potential mate, in order to ensure that he handles himself well. Sending an ill-prepared dog into a mating environment can lead to a fight between the stud and the bitch.

Introduce the potential stud to unaltered bitches when he is 12 to 16 weeks old. The older bitches will assert dominance over the puppy and prevent him from making unwelcome advances. It is important for the puppy to learn that a bitch in heat does not necessarily mean a bitch willing to mate. Teaching it at a young age, when it is physically inferior to the bitch, makes the task easier.

Separate the puppy and the bitch if the puppy mounts a bitch and she does dislodge him of her own accord. Do not reprimand the puppy while separating the dogs, simply separate them without speaking or yelling at the dog. While you do not want the puppy attempting to mate at this age, you also do not want to teach the dog to associate mounting with getting yelled at.

Screen potential bitches for one that is ready to mate and showing signs of compatibility with the potential stud. Watch how the dogs interact. If the potential stud is playing with a particular bitch frequently, it may be a sign the two are well-matched and can mate without threat of an incident.

Match a first-time stud with an experienced bitch, if possible. Two first-time mates can make the process more difficult, whereas an experienced bitch can make things much easier, as you only have to concern yourself with getting the stud prepared.

Observe the meetings and remain nearby in case one dog reacts violently toward the other. If an incident occurs, you will want to be nearby to quickly separate the dogs.

Manually manipulate the positioning of the dogs if the stud is having difficulty achieving penetration. Pressing down on the rump can help the female get lower if the stud is aiming too low, while placing towels beneath the hind quarters of the bitch can raise the bitch up if needed.

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