How to Buy Wheat Berries

Wheat berries, sometimes also called wheatberry, are whole wheat kernels. Their appearance is similar to that of brown rice, and some people use them to grind into whole wheat flour. Others boil wheat berries and use it in soups or by itself as a side dish. These whole grains are also usable in salad. Those who eat wheat berries usually compare the flavour to nuts. The Mayo Clinic recommends people eat whole grain choices as part of a healthy diet, so buying wheat berries can be a potentially tasty and life-enhancing food option. Fortunately, buying these grains is a fairly easy process whether you choose to go to a brick-and-mortar store or purchase them online.

Decide how you wish to buy wheat berries.

Food purchases made at a local health food store have the advantage of allowing you to view the product before spending money.

On the other hand, online ordering offers its own set of advantages such as potential savings and convenience. Additionally, some towns do not have health food stores that carry wheat berries.

Stop by your local health food store if you selected this option.

Otherwise, visit the websites of merchants such as Amazon, Wheat Montana, and Nuts Online (see Resources section). Use the website's search function and type in "wheat berries."

Select wheat berries that appeal to your eyes as well as your budget whether you're visiting a store in person or online.

Pay for the purchase as directed by the clerk at a brick-and-mortar health food store or online.

Amazon accepts checks (that are approved by an electronic transaction checking system), credit and debit cards and Amazon gift cards. Nuts Online and Wheat Montana accept only credit and debit cards for website purchases.

If you don't have these payment methods, contact the merchant at its customer service number to make arrangements to mail a money order to complete the transaction.

Take your wheat berries home or wait for their delivery if you ordered online. For the first time using them, you may wish to incorporate the grains into a salad or boil them in salty water. You can also add them to your favourite soup or chilli recipe!

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