How to Recharge the Air Conditioner on My Ford Freestyle

Over time your Ford Freestyle's air conditioner system may begin to blow warm air, a sign that it must be recharged with coolant. Bringing your Freestyle to a mechanic can be expensive and time-consuming. Save money and time by recharging the air conditioner yourself with a can of R134a refrigerant available at any local auto parts store. Follow the appropriate steps and you'll have cool air in your car once again

Allow the Ford Freestyle's engine to cool for at least 30 minutes before you begin any work under the hood to prevent potential burns.

Locate the air conditioning unit service fittings. The high side fitting can be found on the hose that runs from the compressor to the condenser. The low side fitting is located on the suction hose running from the accumulator to the compressor. Keep your Freestyle's owner's manual nearby so you can refer to the manual for the exact location.

Assemble the recharge service hose and the valve to the refrigerant can. Instructions can be found on the side of the can.

Turn the valve on. This will puncture the top of the can, releasing a bit of air and coolant. Close the valve immediately to prevent the loss of extra coolant.

Connect the service hose to the low side fitting on the air conditioning unit. Hold the can upright while charging the unit.

Turn on the Freestyle's engine and turn the air conditioner to the highest setting. It helps to have another person assist you in this step so you can monitor the air conditioning unit and the other person can monitor the air coldness. Open the service hose valve to allow the refrigerant to flow into the system. The other person should feel the air getting cooler inside the Freestyle. If you are doing the job alone, slip into the Freestyle and feel the air.

Close the hose valve and shut off the engine when you are done charging the system. Charge the system until the refrigerant is empty in the can or until the air does not get any colder. Once the valve is closed, disconnect it from the low side fitting. Repeat this process anytime your air conditioning needs to be recharged.

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