How to Fix Laminate Floor Chips

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Although it is scratch-resistant, laminate flooring can be scratched as well as dented, and the top layer of the laminate can be chipped during installation and if something heavy is dropped on it. You may be able to reduce the appearance of a scratch with a coloured stain pin, but chips will need to be filled in order to keep them from getting worse.

Take a sample of your laminate floor with you to the home improvement of floor store. You should have a few pieces left over from installation. If you don't have any take a photo of the flooring with the room well lit and take that with you.

Look for an acrylic filler compound. These come in a variety of colours. Match the colour of the compound to the flooring as best as you can. Consider buying several shades in a range of colours, and take back the ones that you don't use when you are done. If the chip in the laminate floor is large, use a putty filler for laminate floors instead.

Apply the putty or acrylic filler to the chip area and smooth over with a putty knife or trowel to remove the excess product and make the filler even with the rest of the floor. Let the patch dry according to the package directions, which is around two to four hours depending on the size of the repair.

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