How to Build a Garage Carport

Adding a carport to your home will protect your car from the elements. A carport is convenient when it's raining or you want to unload groceries easily. If you design a carport that enhances the architecture of your home, it should add value to your property. Even if you build a stand-alone carport next to your house, make sure it fits well with your home's design.

Sketch your home and anticipated carport. Draw the carport to look good with your home's roof lines. Consider partially enclosing the back and one side of the carport. Figure out if you can afford a one-car carport or one that will house two cars. Plan to install the same type of roofing material on the carport that is present on your home. Get a building permit before you proceed.

Excavate dirt to accommodate a concrete pour for the carport's floor. Finish the floor smoothly, since it will be under roof and away from the elements. Later, you can paint or stain the concrete floor.

Build framework and support posts to accommodate the carport roof. Use prefabricated wooden trusses to create the roofing and overhead framework. You can build your carport roof and beams from scratch, but it's easier to order them prebuilt as trusses. Unless you are a building expert, you will need a qualified carpenter to supervise the job. Ask for city inspection as you complete each major phase.

Build support framing for overhead beams and trusses. Bolt this framework into your home's wooden framework. Nails will not hold the weight. Never skimp on the number of support posts or the size of those posts. Use removable metal adjustable poles to help hold up framework as you build. You can install wooden support framework in the back or one side of the carport. You can cover this with masonry.

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