How to Get Rid of Ammonia Smell

Ammonia smells can come from several different sources around your house, including animal urine, cleaners containing ammonia and ammonia itself. Spills or leaky containers can spread ammonia and its smell throughout your house.

Because ammonia is an alkaline, its smell can be neutralised with an acid or any kind of odour absorber geared for ammonia smells. Vinegar is an example of an acid.

Mix the vinegar and the water in the mop bucket.

Mop all hard floors.

Wipe down all non-porous surfaces that might contain the ammonia smell with a clean damp sponge.

Buy a few odour absorbers to treat any carpeted room or furniture that may contain ammonia smells.

Open the odour absorbers as directed by the package.

Set the odour absorbers behind couches and other furniture, or up on a high shelf.