How to Recharge the AC in a Ford Focus

Overtime the air conditioning system on your Ford Focus may begin to blow warm air or take a very long time to cool down your vehicle, both of which are signs that the air conditioning needs to be recharged. You can choose to bring your car to a mechanic, but this can be rather expensive. The alternative is to purchase a can of R134a refrigerant that has a hose included and recharge your system yourself. Once you have followed all the necessary steps and finished recharging your Ford Focus air conditioning, you will have cool air in your vehicle once again.

Allow the Ford Focus to cool for at least a half-hour before beginning any work under the hood.

Locate the service fittings on the air conditioning unit. Refer to the vehicles owner's manual to find the exact location. The high-side fitting is found on the hose from the compressor to the condenser. The low-side fitting is found on the suction hose going from the accumulator to the compressor.

Connect the recharge hose and valve to the can of refrigerant. Instructions can be found on the side of the refrigerant can.

Turn on the valve on the can of refrigerant by twisting the valve. This punctures the top of the can while releasing a small amount of air and coolant. Be sure to close the valve to prevent loss of any refrigerant. Connect the service hose, while holding the can upright, to the low-side fitting.

Start the engine of the vehicle and turn the air conditioner on to the highest setting. Open the valve on the can of refrigerant to allow the vapour into the air conditioning unit. It is helpful to have another person help by sitting in the car and wait for the air to get cooler, otherwise, you will have to check the air conditioning every few seconds.

Continue to charge the air conditioning system until the entire can of R134a is empty or until the air has reached maximum coldness. Close the valve on the refrigerant and shut off the engine. Disconnected the can from the low-side fitting. Repeat this process as needed.

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