How to Turn on the Headlights for a 2002 Ford Focus

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Headlights were first added to cars in the late 1880s by simply attaching an oil lamp to the front of the vehicle. Electric headlights started appearing later, and by the 1920s, headlights began to resemble the units found in cars today.

Driving without the use of headlights at any time that it is dark, including nighttime and during stormy weather, can result in being pulled over and ticketed by a police.

Turn on the car's engine. It must be running or the headlights will not activate.

Locate the headlight control dial to the left of the steering wheel, just below the air vent.

Turn the dial clockwise one click to turn on the car's parking lights. These are the amber lights located on the front of the vehicle, as well as the red tail lights at the rear.

Turn the dial clockwise a second click to activate the headlights.

Pull the turn signal stick toward you until it clicks to activate the high beams. Repeat this action to return to normal headlights.