How to Connect a Camera to a Panasonic Viera

If you own a digital camera, you might have one or two pictures stored on the camera's memory that you are extremely proud of or like showing off. It can be hard to show the camera image to other people, especially if you are with a large group. If you own a Panasonic Viera, however, you can simply connect the camera to the TV and view the content on the big screen.

Determine what connectors you have available for the camera on the Panasonic Viera. There are many different Viera lines (Z, V, G,S and X series), each being slightly different and offering different connection options. Some of the televisions have USB ports you can connect your camera to, while others have SD card slots. If you are not sure, consult the user manual.

Connect the USB cable running from the camera into the USB port of the Panasonic Viera. If your camera uses SD cards and there is an SD card slot on the TV, you can remove the memory card from the camera and insert it into the television.

Power on the camera (if using a USB cable) and set it to the view mode. Once you adjust the television, you can use the camera to adjust the pictures you are displaying.

Power on the TV and bring up the input options. This displays all of the inputs you have on your TV. Scroll through this list and select either USB or SD card. The contents of your camera are now displayed on the screen.

Flip through the pictures you want to display on the television with the digital camera.

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