How to buy sweet potato slips from a feed & seed store

A sweet potato slip is a sprout grown from a mature sweet potato tuber. Because sweet potatoes are not grown from seeds, you will need to buy sweet potato slips to plant a home crop of sweet potatoes. Some home-based sweet potato farmers follow the complicated process of producing the sweet potato slips themselves, but for a faster solution to planting your own sweet potatoes, slips can be bought online or in person at a feed and seed store.

Determine the type of sweet potato you would like to grow based on your location and climate. The Georgia Jet variety of sweet potato, for example, is ideal for a northern garden while the Beauregard variety can be grown almost anywhere. Sweet potatoes average a 100-day maturity with some varieties reaching maturity more quickly.

Select your planting area prior to buying your chosen variety of sweet potato slips. Knowing how much space you have will help you verify how many slips your garden can accommodate. Sweet potato slips should be planted in loose soil, about 12 inches apart with about 36 inches between rows.

Research feed and seed retailers online to become familiar with the many varieties of sweet potatoes. Note that most feed and seed retailers will only ship sweet potato slips during certain times of the year. April and May are the most frequent months for shipping sweet potato slips. Sweet potato slips should be planted during warm weather, with no danger of frost, to ensure a healthy crop of sweet potatoes.

Visit a local feed and seed store to buy sweet potato slips for take home on the same day. Sweet potato slips are sold in bulk. You may choose to buy as few as 12 sweet potato slips or up to 45.4 Kilogram or more.

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