How to claim air miles

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Almost every airline worldwide offers an air-mile program to reward frequent flyers. These programs work pretty much work the same. Many airlines have complementary programs in addition to their basic air mileage program.

Give your airline your frequent-flyer account number to earn miles. You may also have mileage earned from credit card purchases, car rental or hotel stays. You can redeem those as well when you are ready.

To redeem air miles for an aware, go to the airline's website and click of the link for their frequent-flyer program. Sign into your account and follow the directions. Your air mileage summary should be made available on your account page.

Most sites will have a link that is labelled "Redeem Miles," or something similar. Click on that link and the site will walk you through the steps you need to book an award fight.

Fill out the form to book your award flight by entering your flight information in the blank fields under the captions that say "Book with Miles" or a similar label. Choose the type of award you want and make sure there are no restrictions on that award.

Choose your departure and return flights by clicking on the appropriate spaces provided. The site should tell you how many air miles were redeemed for your flight. Regardless if your flight is free, there will probably be various small charges, such as a booking fee.

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