How to Replace the Window Mechanism in a Ford Focus

The window mechanism in a Ford Focus consists of a window motor and regulator contained in a single unit. To remove this unit, you must first remove the interior door panel. This repair is within the abilities of most vehicle owners. This procedure may take three to four hours or more to complete.

Disconnect the ground cable from the negative battery terminal. Loosen the retaining bolt with a wrench. Pull the clamp off the terminal.

Slide a small flat-blade screwdriver into the small hole on the door grab handle. Twist the screwdriver to release the retaining clip. Pull the trim off the grab handle.

Remove the two screws inside the grab handle, using a Phillips screwdriver. Remove the handle from the door.

Remove the power window switch. Pry the power window switch from the door panel using a flat-blade screwdriver. Remove the plastic wiring connector, by pulling it off the back of the switch.

Unscrew all the retaining screws that secure the trim panel to the door, using a Phillips screwdriver. There will be two screws on each of the front, bottom and rear sides of the door panel.

Remove the trim panel from the door. Rotate the rear of the trim panel upward as you pull the panel away from the door to remove it.

Rotate the side impact pad counterclockwise, to disengage it from its retaining clips. Remove it from the vehicle.

Remove the speaker. Remove the four screws that connect the speaker to the door frame using a socket. Pull the speaker out of the door frame and pull the wiring connector off the back.

Remove the inner door release handle. Pull the front of the handle away from the door frame to unclip the front. Slide the handle forward to disengage the rear. The handle can stay connected to the actuating cable.

Remove the weather shield. Use a flat razor blade to cut away the adhesive that secures the weather shield to the door frame, then remove the shield.

Connect the power window switch to its wiring harness, by sliding the plastic connector into the back of the switch.

Lower the window until the bolts on the support bracket (this is the bracket on the bottom of the window glass) line up with the holes in the door frame.

Loosen but do not remove the bolts in the support bracket.

Lift the window glass out of the door. Begin by tilting the rear of the glass upward. Lift the glass upward and pull it through the outside of the window frame.

Unscrew the bolts that connect the window regulator/motor to the door frame.

Disconnect the wiring harness from the motor, by pulling the plastic connector off the motor.

Disconnect the regulator cables from the regulator mechanism by unclipping them.

Lower the window motor/regulator mechanism and remove it through the hole near the bottom of the door frame.

Raise the window motor/regulator mechanism into position, by guiding it through the hole near the bottom off the door frame.

Clip the regulator cables onto the regulator mechanism.

Connect the wiring harness to the window motor, by pushing the plastic connector onto the motor.

Screw the mounting bolts for the window motor through the mounting bosses on the motor and into the threaded holes in the door frame.

Carefully lower the window glass into the door frame from outside the door. Make sure the glass seats inside the support channel.

Tighten the bolts in the support channel that secures the glass to the channel, using a wrench.

Lower and raise the window to ensure it is operating properly. Temporarily reconnect the ground cable to the battery to complete this step.

Pull the power window switch off the plastic wiring connector.

Lift the weather shield into position on the door frame. Press the adhesive on the weather shield into the adhesive on the door frame. The two sides will bond together.

Reinstall the inner door release handle. Slide the rear clip into the hole in the door frame. Press the front clip into the door.

Reinstall the speaker. Press the plastic wiring connector onto the fitting in the back of the speaker. Push the speaker into the hole in the door, and reinstall the four screws that secure it.

Reinstall the side impact bumper, by lifting it into position. Rotate it clockwise to reinstall it.

Raise the inner door panel into position just above the door frame. Lower the panel and ensure that the retaining channel at the top of the panel seats inside the retaining clips on the door frame.

Reinstall the six screws on the front, bottom and rear of the interior door panel, that secure this panel to the door frame.

Press the power window wiring connector onto the back of the switch. Push the switch into the door panel.

Raise the door grab handle into position and reinstall the two screws that retain it.

Press the trim panel onto the door grab handle.

Connect the ground cable to the negative battery terminal. Slide the clamp over the terminal. Then use a wrench to tighten the retaining bolt.

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