How to use an eye bath

An eye bath is a plastic cup designed for holding solution that is capable of cleaning out your eye. The eye bath can be used to apply solution if dirt or debris gets in one of your eyes. The solution will help dislodge and remove the dirt or debris. You can also use the eye bath to apply solution that will soothe dry and tired eyes.

Wash your hands with soap and water. It is important to remove any germs or bacteria from your hands before working with your eyes.

Fill the eye bath three quarters of the way up with eye wash solution. You can use a store-bought solution, or make your own.

Tilt your head forward and hold the eye bath up against the eye so that your eye ball is in the middle.

Tilt your head back and open your eye. Let the solution go all over your eye by rolling your eye around. Look up and down and side to side.

Tilt your head forward again, and then remove the eye bath from around your eye. Discard the contents of the eye bath and wash the eye bath cup.

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