How to Make a Fake Grillz Images

Grillz are a fashion accessory that have become trendy in American hip-hop culture over the last few years, being worn and endorsed by many hip-hop musicians such as Lil' Jon and Paul Wall to name a few. Grillz are basically gold or silver mouth pieces that are made to resemble false teeth. While real grillz must be custom made and are pricey, the look is easily recreated using basic household items. This project is great for Halloween and costume parties.

Measure the width of your smile by holding up a piece of aluminium foil to it. Cut the aluminium foil to the appropriate width, with the thickness being approximately double this amount.

Fold the piece of aluminium foil horizontally to reinforce it.

Press the folded piece of foil against your top row of teeth, moulding it to the shape of your teeth.

Carefully remove the foil from your mouth, making sure it keeps its shape and doesn't tear. Trim away any excess foil around the edges.

Glue rhinestones to the foil grillz for an even more authentic look.

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