How to make a windsock pole

Windsocks provide a useful and attractive addition to your yard. You can buy them in many beautiful colours, or you can make your own unique windsock. Mounting a pole to hang your windsock from will require a little work and a few basic tools.

Before you begin the project choose a spot that is in the open, away from trees or buildings, so that your windsock can be seen easily.

Use the post hole digger to dig a hole about 2 feet deep.

Mix a bucket full of the quick-dry cement.

Put the wooden post in the hole and level it by tamping in a little dirt around the bottom just to hold it in place. Pour the concrete around the pole leaving a gap at the top of about four inches to allow for drainage. Allow the concrete to dry at least 24 hours.

Put on your safety glasses and use the power drill and the wood screws to attach the adjustable flag pole mount onto the side of the wooden pole. Attach it about six inches from the top.

Tap the windsock swivel down into the top of the conduit pipe securely and tie the windsock to the swivel arm.

Place the end of the metal pipe into the adjustable flag pole mount and tighten the knob on the side to lock it in place. The angle can be adjusted with the wing nut on the side of the flag pole mount.