How to Change the Lead in a Cross Pencil

Graduations and other celebrations are often marked by the presentation of an A.T. Cross company pen or pencil, known for their high quality and lasting value. Cassetteless mechanical pencils from Cross have a reservoir for storage of replacement lead for when your pencil needs replenishing after use.

Pull the eraser cap off and remove a lead piece from the lead reservoir. If the reservoir is empty, fill it with purchased replacement leads. Replace the cap.

Turn the eraser cap once to the right and hold the pencil with the tip facing down.

Twist the eraser cap clockwise until you see the replacement lead and the lead protector. The pencil is now in writing position.

Turn the eraser cap to the left until you hear a click. Push the lead back into the pencil by applying pressure to the tip with any surface. Lock the lead by turning the eraser cap to the right until it clicks.