How to Set the Date Stamp on a Nikon D60

The Nikon D60 is a lightweight digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera with a fairly compact body style. As an entry level DSLR, it offers the ease of a point and shoot camera with access to additional settings for aspiring professional photographers. Like most digital cameras, the Nikon D60 offers the ability to time and date stamp your photos. Setting the stamping function does require working through the system menus, but once you find your way to the menu, it can be done in seconds.

Press the menu button on the back of your Nikon D60. This will open the settings menu screen, displaying the current settings for each available menu. The menu button can be found on the right side of the LCD display screen on the back of your camera. It is the second button, below the Playback button.

Use the arrow buttons on the directional pad to select the CSM/Settings menu and press OK. This will allow you to configure your CSM/Settings menu to ensure that you see all of the available options in the menu.

Select Full in the CSM/Setup menu and press OK. This configures the camera to display the full Custom Settings menu.

Press the right arrow to return to the Main Menu. From the Main Menu screen, select the CSM/Settings menu and press the right arrow key to display the CSM/Settings menu.

Highlight option 18, Date Imprint, in the Custom Settings menu, and press the right arrow key to display the Date Imprint menu. This will display the Date Imprint options

Select the date imprint option you prefer, the date, date and time or date counter and then press OK. This allows you to display just the date, the date and time or a counter that prints the number of days elapsed since a configured date. If you select Date Counter, you will need to set the date you wish it to count from in the sub-menu that will be displayed.

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