How to Give a Girl the Perfect Hug

Giving a hug is a wonderful expression of your feelings about that special girl in your life. Research done at the University of North Carolina found that hugging not only lowers blood pressure, but increases levels of the relaxing hormone oxytocin in women.

Hugging isn't rocket science, but you should consider a few things when you want to give her the perfect hug.

Be prepared. Hugging is a close-up activity, so if you really want to make the best impression, remember that a clean, fresh-smelling person is great to hug; someone who smells like a gym isn't. Brush your teeth and use breath mints since you will be very close to her. A little cologne is OK, but don't overdo it.

Approach gently. Think in terms of caring for and protecting delicate china. Don't lunge at her. Put your arms around her gently, but lean in a bit and hold her snugly. Put one hand in the middle of her back and the other a bit higher, nearer her neck, for a feeling of security. She should feel that if she were to fall, you would catch her. Depending on how close you are, you might turn your head into her neck or hair for a moment and linger while you hug her.

Be sincere. A perfect hug starts inside, with true caring. A hug that is an excuse to touch her for your own gratification is far from perfect and will not be welcome. Before you hug her, think about the things you truly love about her, and let them come through. Hug until she lets go; allow her to be in charge of the intensity and length of the hug, so that she feels secure.

Release her gently and draw away slowly, showing that you enjoyed the hug but respect that she is done hugging. Let your hand linger on her arm as you pull away, showing your affection for her and your willingness to give her the perfect hug again, as soon as possible!