How to Soundproof Your Home From Street Traffic

Street traffic outside your home can be extremely irritating, and excessive noise can even lower the value of your home. Most noise that we hear inside our homes comes through the windows. There are several ways you can block noise via your windows. If traffic noise is bothering you from getting a good night's sleep or simply bothers you, then one method of soundproofing your home involves installing soundproof windows and drapes.

Visit a home remodelling store and inquire about purchasing soundproof windows. Contact several different window installation companies and get free quotes from them.

Install the soundproof glass window in front of your regular window on the interior side, leaving about an inch of airspace between the two windows. Do not buy regular windows, as soundproof windows have laminated glass that acts to stop noise vibrations. The air acts as a buffer against the noise. The appearance of the second window will not detract from your home.

Mount your blinds in between the two windows if you want to have a unique look for your windows. Or you can hang heavy drapes around your window, which also will work to prevent noise from coming inside the house.

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