How to Hang Curtain Poles

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Decorating a window with curtains is a sure way to spruce up any room of the home. Before hanging the curtains, you must install the curtain pole from which they will hang. Curtain poles vary in size depending on the window you are decorating.

Keep in mind that the curtain pole should measure about five inches longer than the width of the window. Once you measure the window and buy the appropriately sized curtain pole, you'll be well on your way to beautiful window treatments.

Hold the curtain pole up to the window at the desired height. Ideally, the curtains should just barely touch the floor. Have a helper hold a bracket on each side of the curtain pole where you will be installing it. The brackets should be placed between 3 and 6 inches from the window's edge. Make sure both brackets are the same distance from the edge of the window and not so far away that the rod cannot reach both. Curtain rods generally come with the required hardware. If not, you can find the appropriate hardware at various retailers. If your curtain rod is long or your curtains are particularly heavy, you might want to place a bracket at the centre of the window to prevent the rod from drooping in the centre.

Check to be sure the brackets are level. Make a small mark on the wall at the location of the screw holes for the brackets. This will be your guide as to where to drill the holes in the wall.

Put aside the curtain pole and brackets. Use a drill to drill starter holes where the pencil marks are on the wall.

Place the brackets back onto the wall on either end of the window. Line the holes in the bracket up with the starter holes.

Use either a screwdriver or a drill with a screwdriver bit to insert the screws, securing the brackets to the wall. Position the curtain pole into the brackets.