How to Take Nicotine Stains Off Skin

Every smoker knows the problem: You have unsightly yellowish stains on the skin of your fingers. Nicotine stains can be an embarrassment if you're a heavy smoker, and if you've recently quit you have an extra incentive for getting rid of them in a hurry. Removing nicotine stains from skin isn't too difficult--with a couple of common items and a few minutes of your time, you can have those stains gone for good and your hands will look as though you've never held a cigarette.

Cut and peel a lemon, saving the rind. Refrigerate the remaining part of the lemon for later use.

Rub the white part of the lemon rind onto your fingers and any other skin that has nicotine stains; if the stains are heavy, put on a pair of gloves and let the lemon residue soak in for 15 minutes.

Scrub your lemon-peel-soaked skin gently under warm running water, using a pumice stone. Rub in a circular motion and take care not to damage the skin by rubbing too hard. This will remove the stain as well as exfoliate the dead skin cells, so don't be surprised by the whitish residue that comes off.

Rinse your skin thoroughly with warm water, then wash with a mild soap and rinse again. Repeat the process once if any nicotine stains remain.

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