How to Connect the Phone for a Powermax Alarm System

The Visonic PowerMax alarm system can be accessed from remote telephones. You can arm or disarm it, or you can receive status messages. The system can be controlled using cell phones or landlines--but each interaction does require a pass code, which prevents unauthorised access.

Using long-range controls via the phone is in addition to intimate range control via the built in keypad and short range via the keyring transmitter.

Connect one end of the cable into a telephone jack at the wall and the other end into the back of the control panel. Connect to the RJ-11 jack on the controller marked "LINE."

Connect a filter between the wall jack and the wire if necessary. If you have broadband internet service on that be sure to connect a line filter between the wall jack and the alarm. The alarm will work on a line with internet but not on a line which is part of a telephone exchange system--also known as a PBX system. You will need to have a separate line installed if the line has telephone extensions with extension numbers on it.

In the installer programming, access the "Define Comm" menu. It's the fifth menu item after "New Instl Code" in the main menu.

Click "OK." Choose the first memory location and "01: DIAL METHOD" will be displayed.

Program the communication preferences. Dial method should be set as "DTMF," which means touch-tone. Select it and press "OK." The next preference will be displayed. It is "02: LINE TEST." The options are to test the line every 1, 5, 7 or 30 days or not at all. Continue through all the options through to Option 11. In most cases you can just leave the options set at the default setting.

Enter the telephone number of the first person to receive events. It's item 11 and is important one.

Choose whether to allow remote access. It's Item 22.