How to Wire a Telephone Intercom System

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A telephone intercom, or intercommunicating telephone, refers to an electronic device that you use to communicate within your home, office or a building. Having an intercom system not only facilitates communication, but also can help to increase productivity.

Learn how to install a telephone intercom system and start enjoying the convenience it offers.

Select the wall where you wish to mount the master station, but choose a location close to a power supply. Hold the master station against the wall on the spot where you want it mounted. Align the unit vertically and horizontally until it is level. Draw an outline of the unit's base by tracing around the base with a pencil. Drill 3/8-inch holes into the wall at the four corners of your pencilled outline, then cut out the outline with a sabre saw. Fit the base of the master station into the hole.

Select the locations where you want to mount each substation. Mount the substation onto the wall using the procedures in Step 1. If the substation comes with mounting brackets, mount the holding brackets onto the wall with a screwdriver.

Run the intercom cable from each substation to the master station. Attach about 1 inch of masking tape near the end of each wire, and write the substation number. Strip off the tip of each wire at both ends with a wire stripper, and connect one end of each wire to the terminals on each substation according to the identification code stamped alongside the terminal screws. Mount the substation onto the wall, and attach the trim moulding supplied with the intercom to hide the edges of the opening cut in the wall.

Attach each wire running from each substation, and the power lines to the master station, according to the markings on the master station's wire terminal. Insert the base of the master station into the hole on the wall, and attach the trim moulding supplied with each substation. Plug the power cord into a wall receptacle, and test the unit to check the connections.