How to get rid of numb mouth after a dentist

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After a strenuous visit to the dentist, your mouth can stay numb for up to two hours. A numb mouth can become quite frustrating if you start to get hungry or try to carry on a conversation later on in the day.

Unfortunately, you cannot do a whole lot to speed up the procedure, as it naturally wears away as time passes. Use some home remedies to rid yourself of the numbness---especially if the numb mouth persists.

Massage the skin around your mouth, rubbing your fingers in small circles around your gums and jaw.

Eat something soft. Consume a yoghurt or fruit smoothie that doesn't require any chewing. Eat slowly and carefully, taking caution not to choke.

Take a nap. Falling asleep will help get your mind off the feeling, or lack thereof, in your mouth and will help peacefully pass the time as the sensation wears off.

Above all, wait it out. The numbing effect usually wears away after about two hours. Premature relief of your numb mouth may actually result in feeling the pain of the dental work, which you'll enjoy even less than the numbness.

If your numb mouth persists for more than three or four hours after your dental work, contact your dentist or physician to help find the cause.