How to immediately lower blood pressure

There are numerous steps and tips to help you lower your blood pressure, and many of them begin to show immediate results within a few hours or days. Blood pressure must be immediately lowered before many medical procedures may be conducted.

Immediate blood pressure-lowering drugs, foods, and techniques work on a temporary basis, so it is important to take steps to lower blood pressure on a more permanent basis as well.

Take a prescribed dose of Toprol if it is available. If your blood pressure is extremely high, visit your physician and discuss Toprol. The physician should evaluate your health records and give you a physical evaluation to determine if the rise in blood pressure is a symptom of a more important problem than stress or bad eating habits.

Hold the dose of Toprol under your tongue until it dissolves. Sip a cup of water to help the Toprol dissolve, if your mouth is dry. Toprol should not be used everyday to reduce high blood pressure. Chronic high blood pressure should be treated with lifestyle and diet changes, and not with quick fixes like doses of Toprol.

Practice yoga techniques and moves to instantly lower blood pressure levels. The breathing and movement techniques of yoga expand the walls of the arteries and veins and make blood move through more easily, thus creating lower blood pressure.

Reduce stress. Stress is one of the leading causes of temporary spikes in blood pressure, so reducing stress will help to immediate lower blood pressure levels. Try different stress relief techniques like deep breathing exercises and avoiding stressful situations. If work is a significant source of stress, try speaking to your manager or looking for a job you will enjoy that offers a less stressful environment.

Engage in activities that reduce your stress levels. Exercise and hobbies are proven ways to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Take things easy and get appropriate rest, and surround yourself by people you are comfortable with, rather than people who make you nervous, as nervousness also raises blood pressure.

Avoid substances that create high blood pressure. Quit smoking or limit the amount you smoke, and your blood pressure will lower almost instantly and continue to lower the longer you avoid using tobacco products.