How to Glaze a Greenhouse

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A greenhouse is designed to provide an environment that is best for growing produce and flowering plants. Glass or plastic walls are often used because they allow the sunlight to enter the structure. One way heat is transferred is by glazing the greenhouse.

Glazing covers the greenhouse and stands between your plants and the dangers of your climate and lets in essential light for healthy crops.

Slip rubber glazing strips into the glazing bar channels in the greenhouse frame to protect the glass or plastic panes. Applying a small amount of liquid soap to the glazing bars will result in the glazing strips slipping easily into place. Use a ladder to reach the top panes of the greenhouse.

Fix the glazing to the sides, front and back of the greenhouse. Secure the glazing panels with the glazing clips that came with your greenhouse pack.

Move around the greenhouse and check the if all the panels are secured in the greenhouse frame.