How to use calcium chloride as a dehumidifier

Calcium chloride (road salt used for deicing) can be used as an inexpensive means of dehumidifying your indoor spaces. Inexpensive and easy to use, this salt removes moisture from the air efficiently.

In place of motorised dehumidifiers, which use considerable energy, the salt is recommended as an effective alternative.

Set up the tray and fill it about half way up with the calcium chloride salt. The tray needs to sit on newspapers or something else to protect surface of table or floor.

Place the fan near the tray so that air is flowing over the tray's top. Let it run, and after a few days you will notice water building up in the tray.

You will need to empty the water from the trays after a few days. This is easier if there is a lip on the tray to prevent spillage.

Use more than one tray to speed up the dehumidification process.